MODE bay… “Afterlife”

Where are we heading at the END? The end in this world, a beginning in another.. TBC Advertisements

Welcome to BAYLAND

Welcome to Bayland. A world that exist for dreamers, you’re the ones that’ll make it happen!

Bay storming the entire region..

Lets storm the earth together!!!! We’re here to stay….

Pre-Launch of new sidekick/wingman “BAYBBIT”

How imaginative is our mind, or not. It felt & look real, always by our side since the beginning of the year. Quietly following wherever I go, always ready clear out the trash & wipe our ass. The new improve sidekick/wingman, BAYBBIT!!!!!!!!

All we can’t leave behind… ‘Sword & scabbard are one’

We fear the unknown,  losing confident when we knew there’s a big chance of failing. Look forward & face the cruel world, don’t turn back at all cause. Some people disagreed, “it’s the one behind that makes them stronger” They’re the ones who leaves none behind, dragging & fighting along with those who have the … Continue reading


Electing a new sidekick or 2011, this year more creatures/monsters came for the selection. Who to pick next?

Ray Gun

What to do if there’s someone you like but you’re afraid to approach him/her? Get Bay’s all new Raygun, it’s easy & ready to use after 3 simple steps. Step 1: Load Raygun with Love bullet. Step 2: Take aim “On the person you love” Step 3: Pull trigger. High successful rates & it all … Continue reading

Gods or Extraterrestrial

Most people will ask, Who are they? Why are they here? What do they want from us? What is their purpose? Where are they from? Are they gods?

“A child’s mind”

“A child’s mind” This work depicts the thoughts of a modern child, losing the sense of innocents. The evilness & hunger to kill since young, & there’s nothing adults can do about it. Following a new cult leader, ‘The Media” proves that the dark side always win.

Artificial Idea ‘Preview’

A Idea Book for 2011 By: Baylam

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